Five Saints Raspberry – Lavender Absinthe Americane’


We may be Five Saints Distilling, but we are deviant distillers who have created a totally new and different take on absinthe with our introduction of Absinthe Americane’. You’ll experience the taste of fresh raspberries with the soothing overtones of lavender that will lend a new and unique twist to the sophisticated taste of absinthe you’re sure to enjoy. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy Absinthe Americane’ — with a traditional Absinthe Fountain or in a number of cocktails. If you enjoy whiskey and bourbon, then try a New Orleans-inspired Sazerac.

750ml / 59% ABV / 118 proof


We Ship Our Flavored Absinthe Across the United States

Craving a sip of absinthe on your own front porch? Your wish is now a reality with online alcohol purchases from Five Saints Distilling. Our unique Raspberry-Lavender Absinthe Americane’ can be ordered online and is available in 41 states and the District of Columbia. This allows you and your family to savor the sensational flavor of our absinthe distillery, whether you’re on the Pacific or Atlantic shores or nestled anywhere in between.

Pennsylvania residents can visit us directly for an in-person absinthe tasting experience. Drop by our absinthe distillery nestled in the heart of Norristown, and immerse yourself in the taste of our sensational raspberry and lavender mix! Five Saints Distilling has taken residence in a historic firehouse, creating the perfect ambiance for any absinthe tasting. Venture down East Main Street with your loved ones and discover firsthand why our flavored absinthe is a cut above the rest.

There’s More Than One Way to Enjoy Our Absinthe

Searching for creative ways to serve our one-of-a-kind Absinthe Americane’ at your event or gathering? Browse our collection of cocktail recipes that improve the flavor profile of our exceptional distilled absinthe.

When You Buy Absinthe From Five Saints, You’re Getting the Best

Whether you buy absinthe online from Five Saints Distilling or purchase it in-person, you’re adding more than just another bottle of distilled absinthe to your collection. Each bottle we make is a tribute to the five extraordinary men who have inspired our founder and many others — as such, we’re dedicated to ensuring every bottle embodies their integrity. Expect every drink of our flavored absinthe to exceed your expectations!

To Learn More and Place Your Order, Feel Free to Give Us a Call!

When it comes to absinthe distillers, the Five Saints Distilling experience is unmatched. From our unique location in Norristown to the flavored absinthe that gives you a powerful taste that you’ll never forget, you’ll be enamored with all that our Raspberry-Lavender Absinthe Americane’ has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about our absinthe and our absinthe distillery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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Is absinthe illegal?

The legality of absinthe can be a topic of great confusion. However, as of today, absinthe is completely legal in many countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and most of Europe. Any misconceptions about its illegality may be tied to historic bans from the early 20th century due to misunderstandings about its ingredients and effects.

Is absinthe the strongest alcohol?

When considering alcohol content, absinthe is indeed one of the strongest spirits available. The alcohol content can range from 45% to as high as 75%, although the typical range is 55%-72%. This high proof makes absinthe a particularly potent beverage and one that should be consumed responsibly.

What is the best way to drink absinthe?

The classic French method of drinking absinthe involves placing a sugar cube on a slotted spoon over a glass containing a measure of absinthe. Ice cold water is then slowly dripped onto the sugar cube, which dissolves and drips into the absinthe, causing it to louche and releasing its unique aromas and flavors. The result is a perfect balance between sweetness and the botanicals present in absinthe, creating a delightful sensory experience.

Why is it called absinthe?

The name “absinthe” originates from the Greek “apsinthion,” which means “undrinkable,” likely referring to the very bitter taste of wormwood, one of its main ingredients. However, when prepared correctly, modern absinthe has a complex flavor profile that is anything but undrinkable. It blends the unique flavors of botanicals such as anise and other herbs with the bitterness of wormwood to create a drink of great complexity and depth.

Do you sip or shot absinthe?

Given its high alcohol content and complex flavor profile, absinthe is traditionally sipped, not shot. The slow consumption allows drinkers to truly appreciate the unique blend of botanicals, and it aligns with the ritualistic preparation of the drink. Absinthe is a beverage to savor and enjoy slowly, appreciating its unique flavors and aromas — rather than consumed quickly. By sipping absinthe, you can truly appreciate this historic spirit’s nuanced complexity.

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