Five Saints – Rare Pennsylvania Whiskey


If you weren’t good enough in days past, you were “Black Balled.” Our Whiskey tastes so good we had no choice but to vote it out of the firehouse for your enjoyment. We’re confident this Robust But Smooth Sippin Whiskey will help you enjoy quality time with Five Saints, Friends, and Family.

750ml / 50% ABV / 100 proof.


Five Saints — A Robust but Smooth Rare Pennsylvania Whiskey

In July 2022, we proudly introduced our newest addition to our domestic and international award-winning spirits — Our “bourbon style” Rare Pennsylvania Whiskey. Why is it called a Rare PA Whiskey? Well, it’s rare as we make this whiskey in small hand-crafted batches. Our first lot was 363 bottles, and we will continue to produce small batches as we proof down our aged whiskey.

“PA” means we make it here in our PA distillery from PA Yellow No. 2 Corn and Rye. We transport the grain to our distillery, where we weigh it out, grind it to a smooth powder in our hammer mill and then cook the mash using enzymes on a 75% corn / 25% rye ratio grain mix — the same as our white whiskey. We transfer the cooked mash to our fermentation tanks, after which we slow distill using half the plates on Angelina (one of our column stills) to create a smooth white whiskey distillate. 

Now for the aging part — we don’t use new white oak barrels, which is why we don’t call this a “Bourbon.” Instead, we add the barrels, in the form of char #3 Oak wood spirals, to the whiskey in 550 gallon stainless steel tanks. For almost two years, we change the bags containing the spirals every six weeks. The result is in the taste — At 100 Proof, a robust but super smooth sipping whiskey! The corn provides a smoothness, while the rye provides just the right amount of spiciness.

About the Label

If you weren’t good enough in days past, you were “Black Balled.” Our Whiskey tastes so good we had no choice but to vote it out of the firehouse for your enjoyment. We’re confident this Robust But Smooth Sippin Whiskey will help you enjoy quality time with Five Saints, Friends, and Family. 750ml / 50% ABV / 100 proof.

Our Distilled Whiskey Is Available Throughout the United States

Whiskey lovers can bring unparalleled flavors straight to their homes when they buy spirits online from Five Saints Distillery. Our whiskey is available online in 41 states and the District of Columbia, allowing families to enjoy the wonderful flavor that our whiskey distillery has to offer from coast to coast.

If you live in Pennsylvania or are visiting relatives there, you’ll have the option of visiting our whiskey distillery in Norristown and trying our handcrafted drinks for yourself. Five Saints Distillery has made a historic firehouse our home, making it a unique and enjoyable location for whiskey tasting. Bring your loved ones to East Main Street today to see firsthand what makes our flavored whiskey so distinctive.

There’s More Than One Way to Serve Our Flavored Whiskey

Want to prepare our Pennsylvania whiskey at your event in a special way? Take a look at these recipes to bring out even more flavor in our great distilled whiskey

We’re Not Your Average Whiskey Distillers

You receive a lot more than just a memorable one-of-a-kind taste when you buy whiskey online from Five Saints. We make sure that every bottle of whiskey we produce reflects the integrity of the five great individuals who inspired our founder. With that in mind, you can expect every sip of our whiskey will surpass your expectations. 

To Hear More About Our Whiskey Distillery, Give Us a Call

There’s nothing quite like the Rare Pennsylvania Whiskey we create — From our fun location in the old Norristown firehouse to the bold flavors of our award-winning drinks, you’ll enjoy every second of what Five Saints has to offer.

Contact us today for more information if you have any questions regarding Five Saints Distillery and the whiskey that we offer.


How is whiskey made?

Whiskey production involves a meticulous and time-honored process. First, grains such as barley, rye, wheat, or corn are milled and mixed with water to create a mash. This mixture is then heated, allowing the enzymes in the grains to break down the starches into fermentable sugars. Once cooled, yeast is added to the mash, initiating fermentation and transforming the sugars into alcohol. The resulting liquid, called “wash,” is distilled in copper stills to concentrate the alcohol and remove impurities.

What makes whiskey different from other spirits?

Whiskey sets itself apart from other spirits through its distinctive production process, aging, and diverse range of flavors. Unlike vodka or gin, whiskey is made from grains and relies on the complex interaction between these grains, water, and yeast during fermentation. The aging process in oak barrels further enhances whiskey’s flavor profile, imbuing it with rich, deep notes that vary depending on the barrel type and duration of maturation.

What are whiskey barrels?

Whiskey barrels play a crucial role in the maturation process, imparting unique flavors and characteristics to the spirit. These barrels, typically made from oak, allow the whiskey to breathe and interact with the wood over time. The type of oak used, as well as the barrel’s size, charring level, and previous contents (such as bourbon or sherry), all contribute to the final flavor profile of the whiskey.

What is a fermentation tank?

A fermentation tank is a large, temperature-controlled vessel used during the whiskey production process to facilitate the conversion of sugars into alcohol. Fermentation tanks are designed to maintain optimal conditions for yeast activity, ensuring a consistent and efficient fermentation process that results in a high-quality wash, ready for distillation.

What is considered a micro distillery?

A micro distillery, also known as a craft or boutique distillery, is a small-scale operation that produces limited quantities of distilled spirits, often with a strong focus on quality, craftsmanship, and unique flavor profiles. Unlike large-scale commercial distilleries, micro distilleries like us prioritize artisanal techniques, local ingredients, and innovative approaches to create distinctive and memorable whiskeys.

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