Five Saints – Rare Pennsylvania Whiskey


In July 2022 we proudly introduced our newest addition to our domestic and international award winning spirits – Our “bourbon style” Rare Pennsylvania Whiskey.  Why is it called a Rare PA Whiskey?  Well its rare as we make this whiskey in small hand crafted batches.  Our first lot was 363 bottles and we will continue to produce small batches as we proof down our aged whiskey.  “PA” means we make it here in our PA distillery from PA Yellow No. 2 Corn and Rye.  We transport the grain to our distillery where we weigh it out, grind it to a smooth powder in our hammer mill and then cook the mash using enzymes on a 75% corn / 25% rye ratio grain mix – the same as our white whiskey.  We transfer the cooked mash to our fermentation tanks after which we slow distill using half the plates on Angelina (one of our column stills) to create a smooth white whiskey distillate.  Now for the aging part – we  don’t use new white oak barrels, which is why we don’t call this a “Bourbon”.  Instead  we add the barrels, in the form of char #3 Oak wood spirals, to the whiskey in 550 gallon stainless steel tanks.  For almost two years we change the bags containing the spirals every 6 weeks.  The result is in the taste – At 100 Proof a robust but super smooth sipping whiskey!  The corn provides a smoothness while the rye provides just the right amount of spiciness.

About the label – If you weren’t good enough in days past you were “Black Balled”.  Our Whiskey tastes so good we had no choice but to vote it out of the firehouse for your enjoyment.  We’re confident this Robust But Smooth Sippin Whiskey will help you enjoy quality time with Five Saints, Friends and Family.

750ml / 50% ABV / 100 proof