Five Saints Blood Orange Liqueur


With family roots in Tuscany and a strong Italian heritage, we were inspired to create our Blood Orange Liqueur that captures the essence of the region. We reduce the sugar and pack in flavors from both the pulp and rind of blood oranges and reduced the alcohol for the perfect aperitif or cocktail modifier. The team at Five Saints Distilling knows that you’ll enjoy this liqueur straight or as a mixer for fine cocktails. Experience the taste of zesty orange rings balanced by the sweet taste of fleshy blood orange pulp.

750ml / 25% ABV / 50 proof


You Can Enjoy Our Flavored Liqueur Throughout the United States

Would you like to bring a taste of Tuscany to your family? When you order spirits online from Five Saints Distillery, you can do just that. Our bold Blood Orange Liqueur is sold online in 41 states and the District of Columbia, allowing you to enjoy the incredible flavor our liqueur distillery has to offer from coast to coast.

You don’t have to just buy liqueur online if you live in Pennsylvania — you can also try our handcrafted blood orange concoction by coming to our liqueur distillery in downtown Norristown! A historic firehouse serves as the home of Five Saints Distillery and provides the ideal setting for liqueur tastings. Come to East Main Street with your loved ones today to see for yourself why our flavored liquor is truly one-of-a-kind.

There’s More Than One Way to Enjoy Our Distilled Liqueur

Looking for ideas on how to serve our unique flavored liquor at your event? Check out these recipes we’ve created to enhance the flavors of our already superb liqueur:

We’re Not Your Average Liqueur Distiller

You’re not just adding one or two more bottles to your distilled liqueur collection when you buy spirits online from Five Saints. We are dedicated to making sure that each bottle of liqueur we distill embodies the integrity of the five great men who served as an inspiration to our founder and many others. With this in mind, you can have confidence that every sip of our flavored liqueur will exceed your expectations.

To Learn More About Our Distilled Liqueur, Call Us Today

When it comes to our Blood Orange Liqueur, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better experience. From our historic Norristown location to our dynamic flavored liquor that harkens back to our Tuscan roots, you’ll adore everything that this delectable liqueur has to offer.

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about Five Saints Distillery and the award-winning alcohol we offer!


What is a blood orange?

A blood orange is a unique, delicious, and visually stunning citrus fruit that is characterized by its deep crimson color and rich, sweet flavor. It sets itself apart from other orange varieties with its distinctively dark, ruby red flesh and juice, which is due to the presence of anthocyanins, a natural pigment typically found in other fruits like berries.

What tastes good with blood orange?

Blood oranges have a complex, sweet-tart flavor profile with hints of raspberry and pomegranate, making them an excellent complement to a wide variety of foods and beverages. They pair exceptionally well with seafood dishes, salads, and desserts. Blood oranges also shine when combined with other fruits, herbs, and spices, such as mint, basil, cinnamon, or ginger. At Five Saints Distilling, we harness the versatility of blood oranges to craft our exceptional blood orange liqueur.

What cocktails use blood orange flavored liqueur?

Blood orange liqueur adds a vibrant twist to many classic cocktails and inspires some innovative creations as well. Some popular cocktails that incorporate blood orange liqueur include margaritas and mimosas, which make for a sophisticated brunch beverage.

What is good to mix with blood orange liqueur?

Blood orange liqueur is a versatile and flavorful ingredient that can be mixed with various spirits, mixers, and juices to create delightful drinks. Some excellent pairings include fresh fruit juices like pineapple, cranberry, or pomegranate, and vodka or gin for a crisp, citrus-forward cocktail. Five Saints Distilling blood orange liqueur is an ideal addition to any home bar, offering endless opportunities for creative cocktail-making.

Does blood orange liqueur go well with chocolate?

Absolutely! The deep, sweet-tart flavor of blood orange liqueur pairs beautifully with the rich, indulgent taste of chocolate. Whether drizzled over a chocolate dessert or incorporated into a decadent chocolate cocktail, Five Saints Distilling’s blood orange liqueur adds a bright, fruity contrast that elevates any meal.

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