Humane Fire Engine Co. #1

  • 161 Years of serving the community
  • The Humane Fire Company was Chartered in 1852 and chose the name Humane because the first hand pumper they purchased was from the Humane Fire Company of Philadelphia. The apparatus was housed at the old Norris Hose Station on Dekalb St. just below Airy St. in September of 1852.
  • The Humane moved to it’s first Fire Station in 1854 on the south side of Airy St. near the Court House and in 1887 commissioned the present Building to be built at Main and Green Street’s. On May 12, 1888 The Humane Fire Engine Co. #1 Dedication Ceremony was held and the new station was open to serve the community.
  • November 12th, 1902 Humane’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. The American flag was flown from the building. There were only 45 stars on it at that time.
  • Thanksgiving 1925 – The Rainbow Fire Company of Reading presented the firehouse with a Grandfather Clock as a token of their friendship. This clock still stands today in our firehouse.
  • June 21st 1973, the community and firehouse fought off the attempt to turn the firehouse property into a parking garage.

Our brief history doesn’t tell the full story of the Humane Fire Engine Company #1. Find out more about the firehouse past and present from our Ambassador, Jay Rachelli during one of our tours. Do you have a story about this historic firehouse? We’d LOVE to hear it! Contact our Ambassador Jay Rachelli¬†

Here’s a sneak peak of the Firehouse/Distillery.

We have a bit of work to do, but we have a great canvas to work with! View pictures from the past and present below.
historic humane fire engine company #1
Five Saints Distilling